(Tips) the only product that I need to achieve my daily no-make up look (suitable for everyday and school gals too)

Being an Asian growing up in the western culture meaning that most of the makeup tips that were published in the beauty magazine didn’t really apply. I remember buying the first book on makeup, I was really excited because it was one of the few that featured Asian models.

Many years past by since that book and I have read many books since then. with the growing of online communities and tutorials, I’m now able to say that I know how to work my face and I came to be pretty good at drawing my own liners, I also have to contribute a part of that to my early art classes in school.

Let’s be real girls, the more product you apply, the more likely they are going to smear on you and they get worse if you wear glasses.

Since I do wear glasses on daily basis, I have opted out the following
eye makeup: dark liquid liners, false lashes, color eye shadows, eye primers, overly glittery shadows.

In my opinion, The real no-makeup look has these qualities,
Let’s break downs:

*people couldn’t tell that you are actually wearing any makeup up close
*that means that they couldn’t tell in person not on camera
*it’s long lasting
*it accentuates your features

Here’s my method
tools needed
*precise concealer brush (I’m using a smash box precise concealer brush)
Note: although an eyeliner brush or a Q-tips would do, smaller concealer is softer and apples the line very smoothly

Only makeup item needed
*smudge & smear proof
lasting cream eyeshadow (I’m us Maybelline studio 24h eyeshadow in color tough as taupe)
Note: this color has no shimmer, perfect for lining your eyes, drawing your eyebrows and contour.

This is how I do it (checkout the pic below)
Gently pick up product (Maybelline studio 24h eyeshadow in color tough as taupe) with the brush ( smash box precise concealer brush) and apply to the blue highlighting areas.


Curl them lashes
(optional: on days that I want my lashes to be a little bit more perky, I’ll curl them and apply one coat of mascara to the tip of the lashes, not all the way from the root to the tip because the mascara will weight down the curl that I just made with the eye curler and the end result will not be as natural if I’ve just apply from root to the tip. )

That’s it….
Your eyes will look brighter, and more deep set, very very subtle! But you can see how it really reshapes my eyebrows and it really helps me reduces the white area in my eyes given an appearance of a deeper set of eyes

I hope this tip is helpful
(PS: personal recommendation, paid everything out of my own pocket)

Note: if you have been reading my blog, you know that I’ve become more health conscious since I started this blog hence the name of the blog “An Ongoing Healing Journey”
here is the rating on skindeep


Before and after pics