Makeup skincare you should avoid buying

2017 Video on these products 地雷产品

These are products I’ve tried to work so many times and still fail. Some of them have foul smell, some are cakey.

Steer away these products for your own good.

PS I will out on English subtitle on the video later


Budget friendly beauty products haul



One of my favorite place for cheap beauty products is Dollar General.

  1. Curlykids curly gel moisturizer -$4 (or $3.97 at Wal-Mart. It’s a styling gel more than a moisturizer for hair. I’m Asian with straight fizzy hair, this seems to tame it well.
  2. Everday underwear washing soap 内衣专用洗衣皂 – imported from Shanghai, it’s like $1, I found in one of the supermarket in Chinatown New York. Smells excellent and I really need something to wash my monthly accidents. cclea
  3. Now for the Dollar General gems. DG nose stripes, made in Korea, which is known for making awesome beauty products.
  4. Nu pore wipes found in DG, it’s only $1, made in Korea.
  5. Charcoal & black sugar mask, made in Korea, found in DG.
  6. Soft whisper *head and shoulder dupe* dandruff shampoo, only $1, found in DG
  7. DG hair spray, $1, found in DG
  8. Cantu kids hair conditioning detangler- again, I’m an Asian, I love hair products created for mixed people
  9. Lava heavy duty hand soap-picked it up from Food Lion, like one dollar something and I thought I might need it.
  10. Cleanlogic green bath & Body care natural cotton stretch bath & shower body cloth- most expensive out of the bunch, but I totally need it.

This is just an overview, without details about each product, but such a bargain that I have to put it out there

I’ll come back and update more after I’ve use them for a while

Unboxing MemeBox Presale The Best Hits Skincare Box



I ordered on March 30, but I actually got it today because I was in New York when this is being delivered. I almost couldn’t get this package because the carrier didn’t know where my package. Aside from that hassle, this is a box of goodies. The listed price for this box was $45. Here is what’s in the box.



1. Elizavecca

Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask $22


Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $11

3.Botanic Farm

Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack $25

Jelly Pack $40

5.Secret Key

Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel $10

6. Etude House

Cat Headband $5


7. Nooni

Nooni Cleansing Set (it’s not sold as in the set like this, but it should cost around $6


it claimed to have value up to $130, I came up with $119. For the price of presale at $45, you can’t beat that.

First impression on my First memebox purchases + 2nd memebox order Updated review on September

I don’t remember what I was searching, but I ended up at memebox and placed my first order.

When it finally came in the mail, I was really surprised at how small the package was. I ordered three items on my first order, they were


Dinoplatz U.F.O. Multibox – No. 21


Meme Puff Set 5 pcs


Pony Summer Love Box

Sadly, the only products that were sent to me were  TCFS’s multibox and Meme Puff. There is a flaw with Memebox’s US website. There is no customer service number so you can’t speak to anyone when something goes wrong with your order. On my first order, I realized my Pony Summer Love Box was missing, but there was no indication anyone stating that it was out-of-stock. I was notified with that information after I contacted the customer service, that kept me worried since on the invoice slip it said all items were sent to me. I don’t want to be charged with an item that I never received. I did took a picture and sent that to membox online customer service. A staff replied to me on a weekday and my inquiry was sent during the weekend so their responding time is actually reasonable in my rating.  BUT that shouldn’t happen for a mature online business like memebox.  They did apologized for my inconvenience though.

I combined two orders in this quick review.


Pony Shine Easy Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad #03 Orange Bloom

my quick thought: Since Pony created 3 colors, it was really difficult to pick just one. I knew I didn’t quite want pink because I’m not into that smokey look. I rather wait for Nana’s edition to release in US (Nana’s palette has Orange and Pink together, which is so popular in Korean makeup look). After hours of looking into Pony’s Glam 3 Eyeshadow Quad, I decided to go with Orange Bloom. No regret at all~ it’s  BEAUTIFUL and I’m blown away.
Light Light Eye Balm

my quick thought: Feels weird but it smells really good. I haven’t seen real improvement, but no irritation means good news to me

Sticky Rice Facial Scrub

my quick thought:I use this after my normal DIY charcoal clay mask, fantastic result. I haven’t use it as a stand alone product

Dinoplatz U.F.O. Multibox – No. 21

my quick thought: I love the concept of this multibox, it really reminds me of Mool’s box, but that one is way more expensive. This box has a cushion, a makeup primer, a concealer and a blush/lipcolor. The cushion is pretty natural looking, but it could get a cakey/flaky, maybe it’s the makeup puff that included, that puff is really pretty, but the texture of the makeup puff is no where near the quality of my Laneige bb cushion (which is still the best one I’ve used so far). I love the smell of the cushion foundation in this TCFS  multibox though. The makeup primer is silicone base, but I never use primer as a primer, I think I would use it as like a Mally’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, which is an invisible powder over makeup. The concealer from this box is super duper awesome, it’s creamy enough to use it under eyes and it doesn’t caked up. The blush is the most natural looking coral blush I’ve ever used. I would buy the concealer and the blush/lip color alone if TCFS sells it.
Meme Puff Set 5 pcs

my quick thought: I haven’t use it, but they look like my cushion puff from Laneige


PHOTOS for fun








I wore TCFS’s multibox cushion,  Pony’s Glam 3 Orange in this picture. After I set my makeup with

Loreal’s infalliable makeup setting spray (no primer on eyelids or the face), this look was good for many hours in a sweaty day in NYC.

My lips were done with Etude House 101 play pencil, Hanskin’s lipcolor  and wet’n wild lipstick and boy i must say the staying power of Etude House 101 play pencil is very very awesome


2015 New face makeup haul Shea Moisture Sheer Foundation & Pacifica highlighter& Laneige BB cushion



I ran out of my Dr Jart and Maybelline’s bb cream seems to fail on me and Rimmel skin matching foundation seems to cake up a bit recently so I thought I need to buy some new ones. While I don’t want to wait so long for my dr Jart so this is my new replacement.

So far so good
With the exception that Laneige bb cushion should be treated as a makeup makeup not skincare makeup