My Birthday

My birthday cake. It was a lot of work, but indulging this was not…
Mommy loved it!

Refer to the tiramisu cake recipe







My Tiramisu





For the Lady fingers, you’ll need
4 eggs separated
6 tbsp of sugar
1 cup of all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp of baking powder

1.Beat whites to their maximum volume, add 1 tbsp of sugar at a time and beat for few seconds until you add up to the total of 3 tbsp of sugar for egg whites. Beat the whites until stiff peak. When is ready, it shouldn’t fall out of the bowl when you turn it upside down.
2. In another bowl, beat the egg yokes with remaining sugar and whip them until the color is pale yellow.
3. Add less than half of the whites to the egg yokes
4. Mix the flour and the baking powder and use a sieve to sift the powder into the egg mixture on step 3
5. Use the folding method (use a spatula to gently fold in the mixture from outside to inside on from bottom to top). Add in the remaining egg whites until everything is blended.
6. Transfer the mixture into a ziplock bag and cut a hole on the corner. Use the ziplock bag to squeeze out the shape of your choice (use pastry bag if you have one).
7. bake in the oven for 10 minutes (at 375 F). If it’s not ready, keep it in the oven for few more minutes, when the outer corner is slightly golden, it’s ready and stick a toothpick in to check.

For the Cream & how to put everything together

You’ll need
3 egg yokes
3/8 cup of white sugar (near a half cup) 90g
1/3 cup of milk 80g
5/8 cup or mascarpone cheese & heavy whipping cream (little more than a half cup) 150g
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract optional for taste

1/4 cup or strong coffee
2 tbsp of brandy, rum, Kaluah

Unsweetened cocoa powder for garnish, add chocolate and other veggies too

1. Add sugar to egg yokes and whisk
2. In a small pan with a medium heat, stir in egg yokes and gradually add in milk while remain stirring.
3. Let the mixture brings to a boil and it should boils for 1 minute
4. Remove from heat and let the mixture cool before refrigerating (refrigerate for 20 minutes)
5. Beat heavy cream to a stiff cream, or until it’s creamy enough to spread without being runny
6. Prepare the ladyfingers by dipping them in the coffee alcohol mixture and then place them on the pan.
7. Whisk the mascarpone cheese until soft and add the egg mixture from step 4
8. Spread the mixture from step 7 to the ladyfingers (step 6)
9. Add whipped cream
10. Repeat the layer by adding lady fingers,mascarpone cheese mixture then the whipped cream
11. Use and sieve and coat it lightly with cocoa powder
12. Cover the tiramisu and refrigerate for 4hr+