First Impression: Simply Vera Ver Wang lace up ballet flat shoes January 2016

Finally a pair of shoes that is stylish and comfy 

I’ve been wanting these flats for a while, totally worth the price. My feet are pretty wide these don’t my feet look bigger. I’m 7 1/2



First Impression: ETSY purchase with KAVdesigner

I came across to Etsy way back in the days when I was looking for homemade skincare and later on experimenting DIY skincare myself so I never end up buying anything from Etsy. A lot of products on Etsy are by independent designers so they are quite unique and not something you could find commonly in stores. Yes I have to admit that I browse Etsy for inspiration more than shopping. Just last month when I was looking for a minimalism necklace, I stumbled across this dress from this Israeli designer KAVdesigner,  it’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted a pink dress that’s simple but elegant and this dress is IT.

Dress in detail: I couldn’t tell that the v-neck is actually asymmetric, I thought it’s simply a V, but it’s not~ one side has extra band that’s sewn to the V neck. It has two pockets and its somewhat loose fitting. I ordered size 2, it fits perfect for my 36-38D. It’s not an A-line dress though, it’s slightly curve in on the waistline


PROS: SUPER pretty color and high quality fabric, simple design perfect for those who are pro-minimalism. True to description, well made

CONS: Pricey,  even at discounted price, but I’m buying for an handmade dress so it ain’t bad.

Their stores are not based in the US so my dress was shipped from Israel. The tracking provided by the seller wasn’t trackable and the seller told me it could take up to 21 days (she made a typo when she gave me the tracking number). I’m glad my package came early (like 5 business days) and no signature was required.

Bottom line: I’ll probably buy from Etsy again, but I wish there is a Etsy shipping center standing behind this so buyers don’t have to worry about tracking the package on themselves in case if there is a lost or damage.

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My Beautiful KAV V neck midi dress with sides Pockets


Disclaimer: Bought with my own money for sheer honest review

Viva beads handmade clay beads





I don’t usually wear beads because i think they could easily looked rustic. I seriously wouldn’t buy these beads if I have not personally seen them in reality because stock pictures online look very bad. These beads are so much better than them stock pictures. The colors are soft, like pastel.

The mixture of beads and crystal made them super sparkly

Highly recommended!