HUGE Korean Beauty MEMEBOX Haul 2015 Pony Shine Easy Glam Yeondukong Summer Fun Box Vol.2 Hair Box #HairGameOnPoint

Since I’ve discovered memebox, I’ve already made like three huge purchases, literally buying for head to toe.

I don’t wear super heavy makeup and I don’t like to wear mascara or eyeliner often as they tend to dry out my eyes. If you are a lazy bug like I am, you are always out looking for makeup items that would simplify your steps of beautifying yourself. I’m a believer in less is more when it comes to makeup. Wearing tons of makeup, layering after layering is going to worsen the condition of you skin. Maybe in another topic I should write about my current face base makeup. For many years, I’ve stick with just bb cream and I failed many times in contouring, well, I did it all wrong back then, lol.  I would say that after I got into contouring, I couldn’t stop.  It did took me a while to find the right products for myself.

Well, let’s focus on just the HAUL for this post. My most recent two boxes are mostly eyeshadow makeup so I’m talking more about eyemakeup routine. I now use eyebrow pencil from It’S SKIN Baby Face Natural Eyebrow (01natural black) to draw my eye line and to my surprise it doesn’t fade, smear or smudge like usual eyeliners would, and this sister used waterproof back then. In my opinion, most waterproof eyeliners do nothing to prevent itself from fading and smearing on my lids, it crumbles instead of smears. Not anymore after I use It’S SKIN Baby Face Natural Eyebrow. I find it workable with other eyebrow pencils for some strange reasons, special the creamier ones.   However, I don’t use these creamy eyebrow pencils as an eyebrow pencil, they are a bit to wet for my taste. For my eyebrows, I like something that’s more dry but it is still a pencil because eyebrow powder just didn’t do the trick for me, I’ve tried both US brands and Korean brands, I ended up using those for my eyelids. Luckily, I’ve found my holy grail more than a year ago, which is my SANA – New Born EX 3-in-1 Eyebrow Mascara and Pencil (B02 Grayish Brown), However, it does rub off if I touch my eyebrows accidentally, so I like to wear a base color with CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow, which is a brow tint that gives a very natural look for brows. The color is very subtle and I’m glad I got the darkest color out of the three options (03) dark brown. I first discovered this in Koreadepart , but the shipping is too high for one item so I turned to eBay. I did purchased MEMEBOX I’M NANA Eyeshadow Palette from Koreadepart though, shipping being around $8 for one palette and one pencil, that’s the only place I could get it (I think it’s also available on Gmarket but Koreadepart still has a better price overall). It took forever to ship, it was around their holiday or something. However, I’m happy to get this palette because I love those cocktail colors.

Enough being said,  drum rolls for unboxing! It’s a bit unorganized as usual and please excuse the picture quality, it’s my iphone4


My most recent purchases from MEMEBOX


Pony’s Glam 2, Pony’s Glam 1 Originial, Pony’s Glam season 3 (brown), (Orange), I’m Nana Eyeshadow Palette


All of my favorite eye makeup items, including Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum, L’Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Green Ivy, I’m NANA eyeliner


Yeondukong Summer Fun Box Vol.2


Pony’s Favorite Set #01 Brown


Brown on left Orange on Right

Pony's Favorite Set #01 Brown

If you read my previous post, you would know that I bought the Pony’s Season 3 Eyeshadow palette in the orange one and I love it. I haven’t had a chance to work this quad out, but I’m sure it’s going to be pretty gorgeous like the orange one. If you are struggling between the three and you think you’ve enough nude shades in the house, you should get the orange one. I don’t know if it’s just me being a pale Asian having problems with western brand eyeshadows, they don’t work very well with my skin color and I have trouble finding the right color lipsticks as well. The only western color makeup that has worked with my skin is FLOWER by Drew Barrymore, however, none of her current eyeshadow palettes attract me enough to buy them.

I’m so glad that Pony’s choices of color really work for my skin color and my features in general. I only purchased one palette on my first order and was hesitant to get other items in her line. After I became really satisfied with her eyeshadow palette, I’ve decided to buy her lipsticks as well. I was only going to order 02 Spring Romance, but the set for BROWN + Rose Garden 01 was really attempting. I don’t have a nude palette so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to get her BROWN eyeshadow palette and lipstick came with it. I would say it’s a great, the Rose Garden came with it it’s super gorgeous and it’s semi-matte. I didn’t think I was going to like it as much, but I think I would be one of my favorite go to color. The color is toned down than 02 Spring Romance,

wearing ros

Me wearing Pony’s rose garden


me wearing 02 Spring Romance



Haven’t use any of these to comment, but I love the color as it appears on the bottle.
Meme Nails Base Coat


Meme Nails Base Coat

This looks milky to me, I think it would do the job to even out the nail color.
Play Nail Art Gel Coat


Play Nail Art Gel Coat

My favorite top coat is discontinued, it’s a japanese brand, but they don’t make anymore of those and it has been the best top coat ever, I wish this one I got could replace it. 
Meme Nails Nail Strengthener


Meme Nails Nail Strengthener

Looks super pretty and it could be wear alone if I just want bare nail look with a hint of healthy inner color



One swipe of her lipstick, so bold and bright and no fading for hours


CONS: a bit difficult to remove it thoroughly, so i don’t wear this everyday


Yeondukong Summer Fun Box Vol.2


Yeondukong Fix Lip, bold orangy red


1.Yeondukong Easy Blushing Stick #02 Lively Coral 2.Yeondukong Easy Highlighting Stick #01 Sheer Gold 3. Yeondukong Easy Shading Stick #01 Contouring Brown


1.Yeondukong Easy Blushing Stick #02 Lively Coral
2.Yeondukong Easy Highlighting Stick #01 Sheer Gold
3. Yeondukong Easy Shading Stick #01 Contouring Brown
Yeondukong Summer Fun Box Vol.2

Yeondukong Summer Fun Box Vol.2

I’m amazed at this set, very comparable to high-end multiple sticks.

Shading stick is creamy and easily blended, Blushing Stick is ok, nothing surprising, but oh my, the highlighting stick is really awesome, I didn’t think I was going to like it because I don’t do highlight as I try to stay away from things that’s glittery and shimmery, but this is just glowing, but not glittery. I rub a product of the product on my finger tips and apply from the checkbone up to my temple and a dab just a bit on my cupid’s bow, wow, it makes me have that natural inner glow, it’s super natural.



The hair box, everything was in box except for the shampoo, it was on the side

PIC_20150903_225207_9BB PIC_20150903_230051_FD6
Hair Box #HairGameOnPoint

Hair Box #HairGameOnPoint

Yes, I’ve use everything in this set, no complaint and I wish to buy more of this~ If you want to know how

I have to say that CC cream in syringe smells really good. I got this because I want to try out the Mise en Scéne Perfect Serum, it’s decent. I have no problem using up these which is great because a lot of hair products I’ve tried, they are so bad that I have to throw them away before finishing.



The orginial Easy Glam, Pony’s first palette.


Close up for GLAM2


Glam2 comes with a decent dual end brush sponge applicator


BOX with names on back


Box with names on the back








ALL my favorite current eye shadow palettes



PIC_20150903_223633_8D2 PIC_20151021_211829_C71 PIC_20150903_224218_EB5 PIC_20151021_212408_AC4
Pony Blossom Lipstick #02 Spring Romance


Pony Blossom Lipstick #02 Spring Romance

BEAUTIFUL color just as expected, bolder than Rose Garden

Pony Shine Easy Glam Seasons 1 & 2 Value Set


Pony Shine Easy Glam Seasons 1 & 2 Value Set


I got this edition right before the launch of Pony’s new & improved shine easy glam 

The new & improved took out the applicators and both palettes are equal in size.

Maybe too many people complain on how small the Glam 2 really is and a lot of people side GLAM 2 has a lot of fallouts. I don’t know if the formula really changes, if you got both, let me know it has changed.

I haven’t use the GLAM 2, I’ve so far used the EASY GLAM 1, I really like it, no crazy fallout or anything. From the online description, it seems like the new & improved shine easy glam changed the formula and it would deliver bolder color.

I’ll update on that later and do more in dept comparison then


Disclaimer: Bought with my own money for sheer honest review


(A comparison review) Super balms

As mentioned before, I’ve




Boots Botanics Organic Super Balm – 0.37 oz -Retails around $8.99
At $24.30 per oz
Egyptian Magic all purpose cream – 2 oz – retails $26.00
At $13.00 per oz
Burt’s bee Res-q ointment – 0.6 oz – retails around $ 6.00
At $10.00 per oz

The first balm that I ever got was Burt’s Bee Res-Q ointment, I use it whenever I get nicks and cuts and it’s also great to use after a pimple heals, it really helps with pimple blemishes. But I would not use this as a lip balm, it works just like its name, resQ balm.
The most expensive one is Boots Botanics, it works ok and I like its ingredients.
Egyptian magic all purpose cream is huge compares to others and I rarely use it. It eventually became rancid so I have to throw it out.

I also figured out that beeswax tends to break me out if I don’t wash it out properly. So use those balms all over my face is not advised.

I will only repurchase Burt’s bee res-Q balm again

(first impression and Hauls) Farmhouse fresh sweet cream body milk


Since I’ve transformed my eating and living style, I’ve switched out much of my past beauty products. We all know what you apply to your skin gets into your body. I’m a big believer that we should eat our beauty foods and then whatever we apply becomes an enhancement.

Recently, I picked up several products of Farmhouse house and Cerave (will review in a separate blog post). They are not organic but they don’t contain super bad ingredients. None of these I picked up were test on animals and From skindeep’s database, Farmhouse sweet cream body milk on decorative cruet has a score of zero, I think the score is higher because the ingredient list posted there isn’t the full list (the website where I purchased this lotion didn’t pose the full list either).
Here is the full ingredient list


First impression in a few words: what a pretty cruet, how am I going to get lotion, gonna find the usage for this cruet after I finish the lotion. Dang, it smells super yummy!

Let’s break it down:
Smell:4/5 (description: sweet cream with a note of nutmeg?? Ok, the company calls it warm sweet cream. I’ve actually imagined this scent before I got the actual lotion in my hands today. I have to say it’s sweeter than my imagination. If you like very sweet milk with a note of nutmeg scent, you would love this. The smell does fade a bit after application, which I’m glad it did, otherwise it would be too much. BTW, it does smell different in the cruet, the fragrance is less obvious in there and I can’t stop smelling it, it’s almost like something you can drink out of the glass. )

Consistency: 5/5 (description: light weight, it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin and the texture is fabulous. If you have super flaky dry skin, you may complain this not being moisturized enough, but seriously if you have super dry skin, dietary changes could be a lot more effective than lotions. Othereise, I think this lotion will serve well for most ladies)

Value:3/5 (description: if you are used to buying $10 and under body lotion like I did, this is expensive. You get 10oz with this. I don’t apply lotion to every corner if my body, 10oz will last at least 1month if not more. I’ll be using this alternately with my cerave baby body lotion, so I think it would last 2+ months.

Package: 4/5 (description: while I love this decorative cruet, it’s a bit challenge to keep the cruet clean and I have to dump on back or my hand to get the lotion out.)

Ingredients: 4/5 (description: 95% natural and it is vegan. Again, just know that a vegan product doesn’t have to be organic and what’s organic may not be vegan. This product contains Parfum (fragrance), listed as the fourth ingredient, I’m surprised it’s even before the glycerin. I assume the first three ingredients constituted most of the lotion)

Repurchase likelihood: 3.5/5 (I just used it today and I think I will not have any problem finishing this, which is my biggest problem with body lotions. I think you can use this on your face)

[my honest review for this product, I paid for it]

More pics (along with my current favorite EOS lipbalms)







进入六月 大智慧 it was very painful to recognize my flaws but I did it.

这个月收获很大 我要感谢很多人事物 一下子想不到那么多


First recognition

I was born in a small village in southern China where people in the village really know each other and they gossip a lot, especially if one is outside of the norm, which I was. I was born premature but soon but soon grew up to be the biggest girl in the school.

Even as a little girl, I’ve been conscious about the way I look, how I should dress, what was considered proper and what wasn’t. I guess I picked up those consciousness from my mother.

I remember one time during a physical exam, the doctor warned my mother that I would be more likely going to have intellectual disability than a child with average weight. That thought stuck with me and I was terrified that I wouldn’t do well in school. However, I wasn’t crying about my weight at that time because I heard that if you get taller, you’ll lose your baby fat. My belief was strong and I was feeling beautiful up until one time when I heard this mother made a comment to her child saying “if you eat anymore, you would look like her,” she pointed to me, who was a complete stranger to her. I was only 7 or 8 at that time. I started to feel not so comfortable in my body and I knew that I didn’t want the attention that I was getting. I started to not like the place and the people who live there and when I found out that we are moving to the United States, I was so happy and joyful. I later realized life wasn’t any easier in this new place, but it became more challenging. I had to learn the new language and fit myself in. I would spend time perfecting my accent and making sure no one knows that I wasn’t born in this country. Even with all of my hard work, I felt that I was still that outcast and that feeling got more stronger as I hit around the age of puberty. My first year’s menstrual cycle wasn’t regular and after seeing a private physician, I she told me that I was not going to get any taller at age 12 standing 5’2″ I was devastated because that would mean: I could no longer lose the weight. Regardless of those devastating thoughts, busy daily activities and school life had kept me busy and life moved and I continued to battle my weight. I experienced first weight loss in my sophomore year in high school using a diet pill. It wasn’t my first diet program but it was the first one helped me shed pounds. I became really happy; I was exercising and eating healthy and I was able to get my weight down to a lot healthy range, I was still overweight but no longer obese. About a year and half of this weight loss pill, the FDA ordered a formulation change for it because there were people reporting serious health conditions associated with this so-called the nonprescription natural weight loss pill. I was devastated again and continued to use it for another year or so, but my weight just couldn’t come off and I was eating salads. By the time I finished high school, I gained about 15lbs since my lowest weight and life wasn’t too bad as I continued to look for more magic pills.

In the two years following high school, I gained all the weight back plus a bonus, going from 143lbs to 234lbs in two short years and people literally couldn’t recognize me and honestly I didn’t want them to. My high school friends would ask me to hang out during the time I was attending college but I couldn’t make myself go because I was so ashamed. One time, my father’s cousin came and asked my father whether he has two daughters and that was very difficult for me to accept but I knew I was going to be obese again. During that time, I did pick up a copy of Jon Gabriel’s book, the gabriel method, but I couldn’t relax and I honestly didn’t really believe in what I could do with my imagination. After Jon’s book, I remember what I read in high school, in was the time when I was preparing to take SAT and I was a slow reading so I browsed for ways to improve my memory and concentration and I came to a program by Paul Scheele, photoreading. At that time, I did read about but it went over my head and I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t think my weight has anything to do with subconscious mind. I was once again back to using shear force for weight loss. I made myself take yoga in hope to lose weight, but didn’t drop a pound from that so I quit after a semester. I was too occupied with everything in life and every semester in school I would worry that I wouldn’t have enough money to cover my tuition and I would drop out before graduation. I created this mental starvation in my mind, thinking about not having enough money to pay tuition and unable to finish college and I became very exhausted day to day. My aim was very straight though, I told myself, I would worry about the weight after I get my BA degree and in the mean time, I fell in love with man across the sea, he just came into my life and I felt that I’ve found my soulmate. However, I couldn’t tell him what I was going through internally and I’ve never utter a word about my weight after seeing his ex girlfriend, I found out that he’s more attracted to a slender woman. Two years following my graduation, I spent all the time and energy to get in shape because I Felt that as long I have those extra weight, I would be no attraction to him and I stuck with this thought very firmly up until two months ago when I got sick and broke out with hives. The hives became reoccuring event in my daily life and I became very anxious and sensitive and I could no longer use my shear force to control my temper, though I was using hypnosis to help me relieve those symptoms, I was still angry at my limitations. When I checked my symptoms online, I got really scared at the result and I didn’t have the money to reach out to a medical professional, plus conventional ones weren’t so good anyway. In response to my fear, I acted differently and people, especially the ones who care about me, noticed it no matter how hard I was trying to disguise. All of my cells were calling out for help and I knew there must be a way out. Since I’m subscribed to Jon Gabriel’s newsletter, I got a invitation to participate in this year’s Hay House World Summit and boy I just couldn’t wait to explore what I have after realizing how the universe is unlimited and we are the projection of our thoughts and how I can heal myself. Within two days of this summit, this man that I’m in love with for four years had told me: “I feel your positivity, keep it that way.” Before listening to this summit, my thoughts were concentrated on how I am going to get better in the future date and my knowledge and thoughts were scattered. Now I’m able to bring everything together. It’s everything that I already know but I’ve been ignoring them. I have many plans for my future and I wish to reach out for more people as I document my very own journey right now. I’m a bilingual and I feel that returning to my country is a must because young people over there need to hear about this. Thank you Hay House for letting me know that I’m from a brilliant source and full of possibilities.

(First impression review) Dr. Hauschka almond body moisturizer

Smell:4/5 (description: almond herbal, I like that kind of scent)
Consistency: 3/5 (description: runny and it takes time to set in, works better for legs than hands)
Value:2/5 (description: very expensive as a body lotion)
Package: n/a (description: I got the sample)
Ingredients: 4/5 (description: nothing crazy, I’m not sure if organic or not, doesn’t say certified organic anywhere)
Texture:1/5 (description: feels sticky and takes awhile to absorb, definitely can’t use in my hands as I feel my skin is about to suffocate so I wash off almost immediately, it feel ok on my legs.
Repurchase likelihood: 1.5/5 (description: if it’s on sales, I might buy it because I like nutty scent lotion and ingredients are good. )

Bottom line: at this price, you could invest in buying your own set of raw lotion making ingredients or just buy one from a lotion crafter, neither would be any less better than this lotion IMO