Budget friendly beauty products haul



One of my favorite place for cheap beauty products is Dollar General.

  1. Curlykids curly gel moisturizer -$4 (or $3.97 at Wal-Mart. It’s a styling gel more than a moisturizer for hair. I’m Asian with straight fizzy hair, this seems to tame it well.
  2. Everday underwear washing soap 内衣专用洗衣皂 – imported from Shanghai, it’s like $1, I found in one of the supermarket in Chinatown New York. Smells excellent and I really need something to wash my monthly accidents. cclea
  3. Now for the Dollar General gems. DG nose stripes, made in Korea, which is known for making awesome beauty products.
  4. Nu pore wipes found in DG, it’s only $1, made in Korea.
  5. Charcoal & black sugar mask, made in Korea, found in DG.
  6. Soft whisper *head and shoulder dupe* dandruff shampoo, only $1, found in DG
  7. DG hair spray, $1, found in DG
  8. Cantu kids hair conditioning detangler- again, I’m an Asian, I love hair products created for mixed people
  9. Lava heavy duty hand soap-picked it up from Food Lion, like one dollar something and I thought I might need it.
  10. Cleanlogic green bath & Body care natural cotton stretch bath & shower body cloth- most expensive out of the bunch, but I totally need it.

This is just an overview, without details about each product, but such a bargain that I have to put it out there

I’ll come back and update more after I’ve use them for a while


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