Viviscal hair filler fibers vs FHI HEAT Hair Veil powder hair filler

First impression:

I have long heard about how great Viviscal hair filler fibers are. On the hand, I have never heard anything about FHI Hair veil powder hair filler. Both offer coverage to thinning hair.

Viviscal hair filler fibers $22.49-24.99
This covers thinning area just ok, not so much different than my black dry shampoo. It tends to flake so if you wear lighter color shirts, it will show. You have to apply styling product afterward to prevent flaking.

Value:3/5 (description: 15g, I’ve only used it once and i have read elsewhere that if you use it everyday, it should lasts a month or so I think it’s pretty hefty for the price you pay)

Package: 2/5 (description: as expected, quite messy to apply, I did it over my sink and I have to wipe my sink and its surrounding area .)

Ingredients: 4/5 (description:everything readable, hydrolyzed corn protein , hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, glycoproteins, nylon-12, water, blue1, yellow 5, ultramarines, annatto, red 40)

Accessibility: 5/5 (description: I have seen it in store and online and I have no doubt you would be able to find it in your local drugstore such as Rite Aid, (if you reside in US ))

Repurchase likelihood: 2/5 (I may buy this if I can’t access power hair filler)

FHI HEAT Hair Veil powder hair filler $22-25 *** WINNER

I couldn’t believe this works so naturally, I really didn’t expect this to work because its promotion video online didn’t impress me. At first I thought I could use my black shadow to achieve this, I guess it has something g

Value:3/5 (description: 4g, I’ve only used it once and I think it would last longer than viviscal )

Package: 4/5 (description: small enough to travel and not hard to apply at all. It’s not messy as hair fibers and it’s great for small areas. I would say use viviscal if you want to cover a large area and use hair filler powder for small thinning spots)

Ingredients: 3/5 (description:it does have a long list of ingredients, but nothing unheard or jump out at me, just too long to type it out)

Accessibility:2/5 (description : I have seen it online only, let’s hope it does well and doesn’t go out of business ))

Repurchase likelihood: 5/5 (description: hella yessss)


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