(A comparison review) Super balms

As mentioned before, I’ve




Boots Botanics Organic Super Balm – 0.37 oz -Retails around $8.99
At $24.30 per oz
Egyptian Magic all purpose cream – 2 oz – retails $26.00
At $13.00 per oz
Burt’s bee Res-q ointment – 0.6 oz – retails around $ 6.00
At $10.00 per oz

The first balm that I ever got was Burt’s Bee Res-Q ointment, I use it whenever I get nicks and cuts and it’s also great to use after a pimple heals, it really helps with pimple blemishes. But I would not use this as a lip balm, it works just like its name, resQ balm.
The most expensive one is Boots Botanics, it works ok and I like its ingredients.
Egyptian magic all purpose cream is huge compares to others and I rarely use it. It eventually became rancid so I have to throw it out.

I also figured out that beeswax tends to break me out if I don’t wash it out properly. So use those balms all over my face is not advised.

I will only repurchase Burt’s bee res-Q balm again

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