(First impression) Dr Jart+ Ctrl-A clarifying shampoo

Smell/color: 4/5 (description: herbal scent? It’s not a new scent to me, I’ve smelled very similar scent in the past, it reminds me of the brand Bawang (it is much cheaper). I just have to mention the color, it is translucent dark gray, maybe it’s from caramel because I’ve not spot any color additives in the ingredient list)
Consistency: 5/5 (description: gel like and it is low foaming and cleans pretty nicely)
Value:3/5 (description: very expensive, 250ml is not that much and normal price is around $30-40 plus shipping fee)
Package: 5/5 (description: easy pump with a stopper to prevent accidental pressing)
Ingredients: 4/5 (description: though it isn’t organic but nothing too too crazy)
Quality:5/5 (description: scalp feels clean afterward)
Repurchase likelihood: 2.5/5

Followed up: the cleanliness doesn’t last very long, it isn’t as expected and I have to shampoo every other day, which is the same thing I would get out from any other commercial shampoo, this does feel gentler than others
My thin, limpy hair isn’t so brittle after wash






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