(First impression) Cerave PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion vs Moisturizing lotion vs Baby moisturizing lotion

Cerave is already raved by many of its happy users in the skincare community so I’m not going to talk much about what I’ve already found before the purchase. I was not able to find the comparison between its regular moisturizing lotion and its PM facial lotion. Honestly, the ingredients for Moisturizing lotion and PM facial lotion are awfully similar and I just want to make sure it’s not the exact same lotion put in different bottles. I’ve noticed suncare companies do that. I remember shopping for my lastest sunscreen, the body and face sunscreen in the same line have the extract ingredients, but they were in different bottles. The company priced as them the same, but the body sunscreen is nearly twice the amount as the face sunscreen (I tested both, everything was the same).
Since then I’ve been reading all the ingredients in any face/body lotion I intend to buy, I always read the products in the same line and make comparisons. This Cerave PM facial lotion has one additional ingredient that is not present in the regular moisturizing lotion, which is niacinamide (which claims to help skin produce more ceramides and fatty acid essentials). Now that I’ve used both, I can say, reserve the moisturizing lotion for body.

Let’s break it down:

Cerave PM facial moisturizing lotion:
Smell:5/5 (description: absolutely no scent at all, wonderful )

Consistency: 5/5 (description: light weight, it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin and the texture is fabulous. Labeled for normal to dry skin, hey I’m oily combo, no problem)

Value:5/5 (description: grab it when it goes on sales, the most you’ll pay is less than $16, I paid around or under $10 and I’ve paid much more for other facial creams that have ceramide)

Package: 4/5 (description: simple)

Ingredients: 3/5 (description: ok it’s dermatologist recommended, but I don’t believe what they recommend anyway, this may be one of the few exceptions. It does have chemical preservatives, not paraben free. Skindeep gives this a score of 4, which is acceptable range for me)

Texture: 5/5 (description: lovely)

Repurchase likelihood: 4/5 (it works fine and until I find a better alternative, I’ll stick with this for a while. )

Cerave moisturizing lotion

Smell:4/5 (description: no fragrance just like the facial lotion, but it does have a scent, smell of a non scented lotion)

Consistency: 4/5 (description: thicker than its facial lotion, its intended to cover large area, but a lot people use on their face too, I wouldn’t)

Value:5/5 (description: about the same price as the facial lotion, depending where you get it. I just bought a travel size )

Package: 2/5 (description: travel size bottle sucks)

Ingredients: 3/5 (description: same as the cerave PM facial moisturizing lotion )

Texture: 4/5 (description: ok)
Repurchase likelihood: 2.5/5 (maybe not since I bought its baby lotion, which I hope I can use it on my face, it is paraben, sulfate free)

Cerave Hydrating Cleanser
Smell:5/5 (description: no scent at all, wonderful )

Consistency: 5/5 (description: lotion like, it’s a lot like cetaphil but so much better because I broke out with cetaphil, which was why I didn’t bother trying this initially. ps: cetaphil is more known among my group of ladies).

Value:5/5 (description: same deal as the facial lotion.)

Package: 2/5 (description: travel size bottle sucks); *5 (description: I haven’t try out my full size yet since I’m still using my travel size one)

Ingredients: 3/5 (description: same score as the facial lotion on skindeep)

Repurchase likelihood: 3.5/5 (it works fine and until I find a better alternative, I’ll stick with this for a while. )

updated 12/15/14
(This turned out to be the best of them all)

Cerave baby moisturizing lotion – as written before, I’m transitioning to a healthier living style so I do watch what I put in my skin hence my body. I try to avoid parabens when I can so this baby lotion caught my eyes. Since the adult version works for me, I think the baby version could be better. One thing I don’t really like is that it does contain dimethicone (1%), well, a lot of other natural products have it and if I have to pick this between paraben, I’ll pick this.

Smell:5/5 (fragrance free)

Consistency: 5/5 (not too thick or watery, non sticky)

Value:4/5 (description: retails at $9.99, you get 8oz, I did the math, it costs a bit more than adults version

Package: 5/5 (description: the bottle looks more high quality and much cuter than the adult version)

Ingredients: 4.5/5 (description: it contains all three ceramides just like the adult version, it is sulfate, paraben and fragrance free. It does contain one percent dimethicone, which the company has on the package as skin protectant)

Texture: 5/5 (balmy? I love how this feels on my skin)

Repurchase likelihood: yes







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