(first impression and Hauls) Farmhouse fresh sweet cream body milk


Since I’ve transformed my eating and living style, I’ve switched out much of my past beauty products. We all know what you apply to your skin gets into your body. I’m a big believer that we should eat our beauty foods and then whatever we apply becomes an enhancement.

Recently, I picked up several products of Farmhouse house and Cerave (will review in a separate blog post). They are not organic but they don’t contain super bad ingredients. None of these I picked up were test on animals and From skindeep’s database, Farmhouse sweet cream body milk on decorative cruet has a score of zero, I think the score is higher because the ingredient list posted there isn’t the full list (the website where I purchased this lotion didn’t pose the full list either).
Here is the full ingredient list


First impression in a few words: what a pretty cruet, how am I going to get lotion, gonna find the usage for this cruet after I finish the lotion. Dang, it smells super yummy!

Let’s break it down:
Smell:4/5 (description: sweet cream with a note of nutmeg?? Ok, the company calls it warm sweet cream. I’ve actually imagined this scent before I got the actual lotion in my hands today. I have to say it’s sweeter than my imagination. If you like very sweet milk with a note of nutmeg scent, you would love this. The smell does fade a bit after application, which I’m glad it did, otherwise it would be too much. BTW, it does smell different in the cruet, the fragrance is less obvious in there and I can’t stop smelling it, it’s almost like something you can drink out of the glass. )

Consistency: 5/5 (description: light weight, it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin and the texture is fabulous. If you have super flaky dry skin, you may complain this not being moisturized enough, but seriously if you have super dry skin, dietary changes could be a lot more effective than lotions. Othereise, I think this lotion will serve well for most ladies)

Value:3/5 (description: if you are used to buying $10 and under body lotion like I did, this is expensive. You get 10oz with this. I don’t apply lotion to every corner if my body, 10oz will last at least 1month if not more. I’ll be using this alternately with my cerave baby body lotion, so I think it would last 2+ months.

Package: 4/5 (description: while I love this decorative cruet, it’s a bit challenge to keep the cruet clean and I have to dump on back or my hand to get the lotion out.)

Ingredients: 4/5 (description: 95% natural and it is vegan. Again, just know that a vegan product doesn’t have to be organic and what’s organic may not be vegan. This product contains Parfum (fragrance), listed as the fourth ingredient, I’m surprised it’s even before the glycerin. I assume the first three ingredients constituted most of the lotion)

Repurchase likelihood: 3.5/5 (I just used it today and I think I will not have any problem finishing this, which is my biggest problem with body lotions. I think you can use this on your face)

[my honest review for this product, I paid for it]

More pics (along with my current favorite EOS lipbalms)







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