Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender first impression

The idea of using clear balm as a setting powder isn’t new to me, I’ve used DHC primer as a setting product and I found that applying this primer over instead of under foundation/bb cream really blurred my flaws, especially for those large pores. However, using DHC primer did smear my foundation. Mally on the other hand is a solid version of that silicone based (dimethicone) DHC primer, which I used to use as a setting product. Mally isn’t as runny as DHC primer and Mally isn’t to be used as a prime. I guess you could, it’s just going to be super dry, lol.
Mally’s oil control is very good, but anything
blocking such oil flow isn’t good as we need the pores to breathe and produce oil so this will not be something I apply everyday. I strongly believe that we should treat the skin from inside out and what you apply to it will become an enhancement not a reliance.

Smell:5/5 (description: no scent yeah)
Consistency: 4/5 (description: solid and quite easy to apply)
Value:3/5 (description: very expensive, I think I’ll try out the cover girls version of this, which is around $10 or so)
Package: 2.5/5 (description: no seal or plastic cover, at first I thought someone had opened the box and I called Mally’s customer service and I was informed it is packaged with those protection. It comes with a nice big sponage, but you can’t store it inside the case, which makes it harder to throw in the purse. I mean I think they should really come up with a pouch for the sponge and a backup sponge).
Ingredients: 3/5 (description: it isn’t organic but nothing too too crazy, yes it contains dimethicone )
Quality:5/5 (description: it works well, no irritation (so far)
Repurchase likelihood: 3/5

Ps: I’ve only tested this with bb cream as I don’t use foundation.

Pics (I ordered two items with this order on beauty)

Leave me with questions if you have them and please excuse my typos if I have them.









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