(First impression review) Dr. Hauschka almond body moisturizer

Smell:4/5 (description: almond herbal, I like that kind of scent)
Consistency: 3/5 (description: runny and it takes time to set in, works better for legs than hands)
Value:2/5 (description: very expensive as a body lotion)
Package: n/a (description: I got the sample)
Ingredients: 4/5 (description: nothing crazy, I’m not sure if organic or not, doesn’t say certified organic anywhere)
Texture:1/5 (description: feels sticky and takes awhile to absorb, definitely can’t use in my hands as I feel my skin is about to suffocate so I wash off almost immediately, it feel ok on my legs.
Repurchase likelihood: 1.5/5 (description: if it’s on sales, I might buy it because I like nutty scent lotion and ingredients are good. )

Bottom line: at this price, you could invest in buying your own set of raw lotion making ingredients or just buy one from a lotion crafter, neither would be any less better than this lotion IMO




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