Urticaria (hives) again


After sun exposure yesterday (in my car and it was less than 30minutes in total), I had a flare that looks awfully like lupus. Lupus is that red butterfly patch on the face, and it is caused by autoimmune system malfunction.

I applied some hydrocortisone cream, which I didn’t want to use if my symptom occurs longer than several days. It helped somewhat but as my hives cover larger area, I let myself itch and just meditate on most evenings.
(Shouldn’t use these any longer than 7 days consecutively)


I sat in front on my iPad and did a lot of homework on this topic and there is no quick fix. I had urticaria last month and I was ok after drinking green tea and taking vitamin C for days. All of these problems can be rooted in inflammation in the body. I have not been taking my omega-3 religiously and that could be a potential cause to these on sets.

My new plan/solution is to take
flaxseed, linseed or chia seed oil. In addition, take omega-3supplement, buy omega-3 eggs if possible.

I had constipation followed by diarrhea, throat tightness

Went through the possibilities of anything range from thyroid disorder to lupus, strep, meningitis, lymphatic disorder, tonsillitis, and mostly highly suspected, multiple sclerosis …the list goes and I finally shut down my iPad as I no long want to associate these symptoms to myself.

What I can do though is start thinking positive and I have an assignment for myself. I’ll finish reading BTFFTM this month and put it in action.

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