How to unlock Jailbreak and Unlock 3G iOS 4.2.1(that’s if you are still using it 2014)

(原创)3G iOS 4.2.1 越狱和解锁 Jailbreak and Unlock
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Dedicated to 3G final ios 4.2.1 jailbreak and fully untethered(感谢昨天给我提供帮助的高手)written by: sumiji888 (copyright)。 (((((sorry no wechat)))) 需要中文留言

I accidentally restored my phone to factory setting on iTunes (my ios was outdated at 3 something and it automatically detected my phone when I plugged in.

If you sync your phone on iTunes, it should automatically update your device to the latest released firmware, for my iPhone 3G, it was the ios 4.2.1, which was the final version Apple released for 3G.

Since my phone was jailbroken before (I didn’t know that otherwise I wouldn’t restore it without backing up. I also didn’t know what was used to make that previous jailbreaking),
So I ended up with a message on board showing: emergency call only and SIM card not supported (if you have AT&T as you carrier, you wouldn’t have this problem and you have the option to jailbreak or not)

For rest of us, here are steps that you can do to get your phone out of the iTunes logo hence the recovery loop/mode (steps that worked for me, proceed at your own risk)

Bottom line: first jailbreak and then unlock.
You should get a Jailbreak that is Fully Untethered, YEAH

Things needed on your computer:

*Different versions of redsn0w
*the correct Ipsw for your device

(You should probably get your latest iTunes, just make sure you turn off the sync and click out anything that ask you to update)

(Make sure you get latest ios for 3G, you should have it when you update and restore your phone)

1. Jailbreaked with the latest redsn0w (0.9.15b3)
(if you stuck on the apple logo and don’t know your ios, use a tool like iTools to determine your ios before you proceed, mine was 4.2.1 (8C148), proceed when your ios matches mine.
(Check your data, it should matches below). Either use a software or look in your device to determine your model, ios, baseband/medem firmware

After first jailbreak (using redsn0w 0.9.15b3) it should look like this:
iPhone 3G
iOS: 4.2.1
Current Baseband: 05.14.14

Ps: This 05.14.14 baseband is unlockable meaning that ultrasn0w will not work hence no mobile service if you want to make a phone call.

2.To solve this, you have to upgrade to an iPad baseband at 6.15.00

For some reason, it didn’t allowed me to upgrade to iPad baseband at 6.15.00 using the latest redsn0w, what worked was: redsn0w 0.9.11b4 (you can download all versions of redsn0w on Idownloadblog)

Check out this guy
he had the same issue as I did. After several no luck attempts on the latest redsn0w, I googled the problem, I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who had this problem. I followed his steps and successfully upgraded my baseband to 6.15.00

This baseband makes your phone carrier free, but it affects the function on GPS, etc. so ideally you want to downgrade it to ultrasn0w compatible at 05.13.04.

3.After my iPhone’s baseband/medem firmware is on 6.15.00, i just followed instruction on everythingapplepro on downgrading the iPad baseband 6.15.00 to a
05.13.04, which is much better than iPad baseband, and compatible with ultrasn0w

Your phone should be good to go after you install Ultrasn0w in Cynia

As far as apps go, you’ll have to use tools like 91手机助手 or other tools that help you install Ipa, and make sure those apps are compatible with your ios, there are limitations

Serial my iPhone

2009 week 8
iPhone 3G black

*Everythingapplepro YouTube
*A friend of mine

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